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Vocal Remover Pro

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Vocal Remover Pro is a software used to eliminiate vocals from music, Vocal Remover Pro is capable of removing and eliminating singings from MP3 files, generating an instrumental track with only the background music. The software is especially useful to create karaoke tracks for practice of singing and karaoke.

Vocal Remover Pro uses world leading sound processing technology which strips out vocals without affecting the quality of background music. Our software ensures sound clarity of your karaoke track with high precision vocal removal algorithm. In rare cases where the vocals cannot be completely removed, it will be substantially reduced.

Key software features:

  • Remove vocals and singings from any MP3 track
  • Unlimited use - Create as many karaoke tracks as you wish
  • Lightning speed - Takes average of 10 seconds to process one track
  • Simple user interface - Even your grandma knows how to use it
  • Free Trial - Remove 30 seconds of vocal from your music

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Free Online Vocal Remover

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Our free Online Vocal Remover allows you to upload any MP3 track on your computer, our system will remove the vocals from the track you have uploaded, then present you with a download link to download your karaoke track.

Online Vocal Remover is suitable for users who cannot download Vocal Remover Pro software (for example Mac & Mobile users) or for people looking for instant hassel-free karaoke track. Note that Vocal Remover Pro has superior sound quality than the online vocal remover, we recommend all users to download Vocal Remover Pro where possible.

Web version features:

  • Remove or reduce vocals and singings from any MP3 track
  • Accessible through any web browser
  • Completely free
  • Limited sound quality - Use Vocal Remover Pro for superior quality

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Turn your phone into a free
karaoke machine

Karaoke Magic allows you to create karaoke tracks on your mobile device with your own music or from YouTube videos! Sing with real time lyrics display. Save karaoke tracks onto your mobile device or share it with your friends!

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About Our Vocal Removal Services

Vocal Remover Pro website provides Software to remove vocals from your music. You can create unlimited high quality karaoke tracks with our Vocal Remover Pro program. The singings and voices from music will be cancelled leaving only the background music. We also offer Online MP3 vocal removal service free of charge. You can now make karaoke tracks online through your web browser.

Our software is suitable for family, performer and studio to create high quality karaoke music. There is no limit on how many tracks you can create with our software. You can now enjoy vocal free instrumental tracks for any purpose you wish.